Hải Phương nhận bàn giao tàu 2v8 tại Singapore

09/07/2021 news & corporate events Administrator

Ngày 26/6/2021 vừa qua tại Singapore, Công ty TNHH Vận Tải Hải Phương chính chức nhận bàn giao tàu hàng rời HAI PHUONG 86, mang số hiệu IMO : 9573933 , trọng tải  28.193 tấn, mọi công tác bàn giao đã diễn ra rất tốt đẹp.

Most container ships carrying more horizontally and largest ever cargo at the Port of Haiphong

26/12/2016 Maritime domestic news Administrator

09h35 'dated 12.10.2016, TIN HAU TRIBINI vessels of Maersk Line shipping company has branch berthed Port Tan Vu - Hai Phong port for cargo handling.

MOT Party Civil Affairs Committee in directing many important issues

26/12/2016 Maritime domestic news Administrator

This morning (5/10), the Secretary of the Party Civil Affairs Committee, Minister of Transport Truong Quang Nghia meeting chaired MOT Party Civil Affairs Committee, directing many important issues for the operation of the industry as : the settlement of the project is completed in September; formulation of legal documents; Working funded maritime safety dues ...

Successful rescue 05 crew TH broken gearbox TS 90 321

26/12/2016 Maritime domestic news Administrator

On the day in 16 hours 51 minutes 09/29/2016, Centers coordinate search and rescue maritime Vietnam (center) received the information: 90 321 fishing vessels TH Dr. Nguyen Van Long made by shipowners, with 05 workers aboard the broken gearbox 29/09/2016 at 16 hours 00 days are drifting at a distance of about 40 nautical miles Cua Lo east northeast.

Add 1 fishing vessel broken machines, floating on the sea

26/12/2016 Maritime domestic news Administrator

Dr. BD 97 696 fishing vessels by Tran Thi Anh Pulled broken vessel master, not run and are being floated on the sea.

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